Recovery for lost iPhoto and images

Issues with photos disappearing on iPhoto is a common fault, particularly when hard drives are getting weak and the system is getting corrupted.

Hard drives have a limited lifespan of an average of five years and their lifetime declines when being move constantly which is the case when using a MacBook for instance.  One of the first signs that a hard drive is failing is when your Mac is slowing down, freezes frequently and displays the blue screen of death.

Corrupted data and the disappearance of some of the files that were saved your machine is another one, including the disappearance of your iPhoto library. The hard drive will accumulate bad sectors and start making strange noises such as the click of death when the heads are attempting the write data and recover from the errors.

If you think your hard drive is failing and are worried about losing data, get in touch with us and speak to one of our technicians about our Apple Mac data recovery services.

It is a good idea that a backup all data from your hard drive to an external drive. Time machine is recommended so a full image of your current drive is backed up.

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